Adult Yoga

Slow paced direction with a great level of detail helps students safely learn a wide variety of yoga poses synchronized with the breath.

Increases strength, flexibility and heart health. Improves posture, prevents cartilage and joint breakdown, protects the spine, betters bone health, increases blood flow, boosts immunity, drops blood pressure, and leaves you feeling relaxed and at ease.

Childrens / Teen Yoga

With nature as our inspiration and imagination as our guide, children learn traditional yoga poses and calming breathing techniques in a fun, creative and nurturing environment.

Develops flexibility, balance and coordination, builds awareness and concentration, increases confidence and positive self-image, nurtures creativity, reduces anxiety and stress, calms the mind, supports healthly sleep habits, boosts connection to self, others and nature.

Family/Group Yoga

A small yoga class for all ages: a group of adults, or parents/care givers and children and/or teens, or a group of teens, or a group of children. Mindful and meditative practice that invites everyone to tune in, breathe and practice together. Participants decide if they want to practice individual poses only or combine it with partner and/or group poses.

In addition to developing strength, flexibility, and balance, focusing the mind, and relaxing the body, participants in a small group class develop compassion and supportive friendships.

Partner Yoga

Work together and support each-other as you breathe, balance, stretch, strengthen, focus and relax together in a variety of yoga poses.

Strengthens body and relationships, enhances sense of balance (emotionally, energetically and physically) increases communication and trust, reduces anxiety and stress, creates fond shared moments and improves awareness and trust.

Qigong, Mindful Movement and Meditation

Qigong is a traditional Chinese system of postures, movement and meditation that balances life-energy and cultivates harmony to mind, body and spirit.  Step by step, you are guided through gentle movements that fully engage the mind and body.  These slow graceful movements build bone density, improve circulation, reduce stress, increase balance, boost energy, strenghten coordination and focus the mind.  Each class ends with a peaceful guided meditation. Some meditations are aimed at simply quieting the mind and focusing on the breath, others are aimed at awakening and bringing a sense of balance to our chakras (energy centers), while others are aimed at releasing and reducing fear, anxiety and judgement. Additionally, many guided meditations use imagery to assist the meditator in accepting what is and letting go of thoughts.

Quiets the mind, relaxes the body, increases awareness, reduces stress, anxiety and depression, develops compassion and kindness, builds healthy sleep habits, and supports the immune system.


Spiritually guided life force energy. Rei means Higher Power and Ki means life force energy. Reiki is a Japanese technique that utilizes spiritually guided life force energy to improve one’s health and quality of life.

Increases our supply of life force energy, promotes healing, creates deep relaxation, reduces stress and tension, clears the mind, improves focus and inner calm. A Reiki treatment moves us toward our own individual physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance so our body’s own healing mechanisms can function more effectively. Reiki is appropriate for all people (children through adults) and for our four legged friends as well.

Yoga/Mindful Movement and Meditation at Work and Outdoors

Customized individual or group sessions brought to your work space. Push the tables and chairs to the walls and presto…you have a practice room! Brighten and lighten up your (and your work mates) day with an early morning, lunch time, or late afternoon mindful movement and meditation.

Great team building! Helps co-workers connect with eachother in a non-competitive environment.  Creates calm, strengthens flexibility and balance, reduces stress, builds mental clarity, recharges the body and mind.

Mindfulness Yoga at School

For Pre K – 12th grade mindfulness yoga helps students build strong inner resourses to thrive in a challenging world.

Mindfulness yoga offers children tools for developing inner resilience to help them navigate emotional, mental and physical stress as well as the overwhelmeing pressure to achieve.  Moving with the breath strengthens and relaxes the body and quiets and focuses the mind.

Dance/Yoga/Meditation Parties

(For children, teens or adults) Make your next celebration the best ever by bringing friends together for the perfect activity for any gathering…birthdays, bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, cocktail parties and kids parties. Each class begins with 15 minutes of free style dancing to get everyone moving and energized. After that we enjoy 30 minutes of yoga and the class ends with a 15 minute guided meditation.

Great way to bond with friends while nurturing yourselves and each-other. Have fun, de-stress, chill-out, feel energized and refreshed.


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