About Me

I grew up in Los Angeles and began dancing and practicing yoga as a young girl. My passion for movement inspired me to study Dance and Child Development in college. I earned my BA degree in Child Development and Dance from California State University, Northridge. Upon graduating college, I created an enrichment program called: Kids in Motion, and set up classes in schools, temples, churches and health clubs throughout Los Angeles. During this time, I developed Kids in Motion into an interactive/participatory TV program and co-wrote, co-produced and performed in Kids in Motion: A Creative Movement and Music Program. The show aired on Nickelodeon for several years and was released as two video cassettes by CBS/Fox.  I also wrote the Kids in Motion book and collaborated with the song-writers on the soundtrack album produced and distributed by Greg and Steve’s Youngheart Records.  The Kids in Motion soundtrack is still a top seller on Amazon today receiving 5 star reviews. Kids in Motion earned the Action for Children’s Television Award, Parent’s Choice Award, and the Good Housekeeping Award and was endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Additionally, Billboard Magazine nominated Kids in Motion as one of the best kid’s videos.  I’m pleased to announce that because fans have posted videos from Kids in Motion on YouTube with millions of views and thousands of comments, I’m now in the process of creating New Kids in Motion as an OTT network.

In addition to being a Dance/Movement Educator, I have two Yoga Certifications;  one from YogaWorks and the other from Little Bea Yoga.  Additionally, I received my Qigong Certification through Sacred Energy Arts and my Master Reiki Certification through Stella Davies Reiki Teacher Training Program.

Check out Kids in Motion on YouTube here:  https://www.youtube.com/kidsinmotionofficial

Check out the trailer for the New Kids in Motion here:  https://www.newkidsinmotion.com

CLICK HERE to purchase Kids In Motion on Amazon.