Offerings – Childrens / Teen Yoga

All offerings are appropriate for everyone and can be private, semi-private (2-3 People) or small group (4-10) classes.

Childrens Yoga

With nature as our inspiration and imagination as our guide, children learn traditional yoga poses and calming breathing techniques in a fun, creative and nurturing environment.

Benefits: Develops flexibility, balance and coordination, builds awareness and concentration, increases confidence and positive self-image, nurtures creativity, reduces anxiety and stress, calms the mind, supports healthy sleep habits, boosts connection to self, others and nature.

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Yoga for Teens

Simple breathing techniques and yoga teach teens how to cope with insecurity, stress, anger, depression and uncertainty in a supportive and non-competitive environment.

Benefits: In addition to building strength, flexibility and balance, teens will learn mindfulness and simple techniques to help them focus, slow down and cultivate patience. Additionally, they will develop compassion, reduce stress and anxiety, learn anger management and self-regulation skills, and increase their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

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