Offerings – Family/Group Yoga

All offerings are appropriate for everyone and can be private, semi-private (2-3 People) or small group (4-10) classes.

Family/Group YOGA

A small yoga class for all ages:  a group of adults, or parents/care givers and children and/or teens, or a group of teens, or a group of children.  Mindful and meditative practice that invites everyone to tune in, breathe and practice together.  Participants decide if they want to practice individual poses only or combine it with partner and/or group poses.

Benefits:  In addition to developing strength, flexibility, and balance, focusing the mind, and relaxing the body, participants in a small group class develop compassion and supportive friendships.

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Prenatal Yoga

Linking yoga poses and breathing exercises to create mind, body, and spirit awareness to support a healthy pregnancy, labor and birth and improve postpartum recovery.

Benefits: Reduces stress, enhances circulation, calms the nerves, strengthens the pelvic muscles and uterus, aids digestion, alleviates fatigue and tension, relieves nausea, constipation, varicose veins, swelling, back pain and sciatica.

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Parent/Baby DanceYoga (6 weeks-new walkers)

This unique class combines free style dancing and yoga poses for parents/care-givers to enjoy with their babies.

Benefits: Promotes bonding between parents/care givers and babies, teaches soothing techniques to create inner peace, reduces stress for parents and babies, improves sleeping patterns, and develops strength, flexibility, and balance.

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Parent/Child DanceYoga

A fun, playful practice that combines free style dance, breathing exercises and individual as well as partner yoga poses, incorporating nature, poetry, stories and music.

Benefits: Strengthens muscles and coordination, builds body awareness, develops flexibility and balance, enhances parent/child bond.

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Special Needs Yoga

For children of varied needs and abilities this quiet, calm and structured class teaches engaging yoga poses and simple breathing exercises in a supportive environment that celebrates everybody’s uniqueness.

Benefits: Improves posture and motor skills, facilitates self-awareness, increases concentration, develops flexibility and strength, builds coordination, reduces stress and anxiety, and deepens confidence and social skills.

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Yoga at Work

Customized individual or group sessions for new and seasoned yogis brought to your work space. Push the tables and chairs to the walls and presto…you have a yoga room! Brighten and lighten up your (and your work mates) day with an early morning, lunch time, or late afternoon yoga.

Benefits: Great team building! Helps co-workers connect with eachother in a non-competitive environment, builds strength, flexibility and balance, reduces stress, creates mental clarity, and recharges the body and mind.

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