Offerings – Meditation

All offerings are appropriate for everyone and can be private, semi-private (2-3 People) or small group (4-10) classes.


Step by step, you are guided through a slow, peaceful, meditative experience with a specific purpose. Some guided meditations are aimed at simply quieting the mind and focusing on the breath, others are aimed at awakening and bringing a sense of balance to our chakras (energy centers), while others are aimed at releasing and reducing fear, anxiety and judgement. Additionally, many guided meditations use imagery to assist the meditator in the letting go of thoughts.

Benefits: Quiets the mind, relaxes the body, increases awareness, reduces stress, anxiety and depression, develops compassion and kindness, builds healthy sleep habits, and supports the immune system.

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Moving into Meditation

Meditation is more easily experienced followed by body movement. Half of this class is Dance/Movement (read above) and/or Yoga to music followed by a peaceful Guided Meditation.

Benefits: Boosts energy and serotonin, reduces stress and anxiety, improves flexibility, balance and endurance, strengthens bones, tones muscles, builds stamina, burns calories, supports healthy immune system, calms and focuses the mind, increases awareness, relaxes the body and fosters compassion for self and others.

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