My friends and I have been taking a weekly private yoga class from Julie for two years.  We were inexperienced and inflexible in the beginning, but Julie is such a warm and welcoming soul, our class has become one of our weekly highlights.  Julie is a truly gifted yoga teacher.  Our bodies and minds have benefited immensely from the practice of yoga under Julie’s guidance.  You will love her as a teacher and a person of the world.

Jeannine Perriseau

Julie Markovitz is a very special addition to the AmGym Fitness Center’s group exercise instructors. She created our Creative Moves program for the children that attend the pre-school on Amgen’s  campus. This program consists of movement and yoga classes for the children ranging from 2 to 5 years in age. These movement classes are a wonderful break in the day for the children and it gets them moving and improves their coordination. Julie has a special gift with working with the children and can calm their minds and keep their attention. Julie also teaches a wonderful adult Yoga class and a Family Yoga class for all ages. Julie is also one of our instructors for our Mindful Hour which consists of a meditation and discussion each week. She is a valued asset to our team and has many years of experience in the Dance, Yoga and Meditation field. Julie is also a very sweet woman and very easy to work with. We are very lucky to have Julie’s expertise at our facility.

Gianna VeonDirector of Group Exercise - Amgen Thousand Oaks Optum Fitness Solutions

Julie is a gifted yoga instructor, recognizing the needs of all of her students. For several years, I participated in a group class but as my law practice became busier, she came to the office and provided semi private classes.  Now, I have developed my own practice at home and am forever grateful.

Illece Buckley WeberAttorney at Law

Julie is a true gem! I feel incredibly lucky to have her as my yoga/meditation teacher. She is accepting and non-judgmental, which allows me to feel comfortable being where I need to be in the moment. She is so knowledgeable and experienced that she is able to tailor each yoga/meditation session to my unique needs. Her voice and energy are extremely calming. I find that I regularly implement strategies that Julie and I have practiced when I need to alleviate stress. I always look forward to my sessions with Julie!

Julie CampbellProfessor of Psychology

We have been so lucky to have Miss Julie teach yoga at our school as an after-school enrichment class. My second grader has made it a part of each trimester and it’s always something she looks forward to each week. I’ve found that as mindfulness has become a key component in schools these days, practicing yoga really does make a difference in the overall demeanor of the children, and helps them learn tools for self-awareness of how they can implement relaxation techniques in times of stress or anxiety.

Nadia Hefni Foster

Miss Julie is a really great teacher. She taught me a lot of yoga poses that I love. My favorite yoga poses are butterfly, shoulder stand, froggy headstand, and a partner gate pose. When I first started practicing froggy headstand I could not hold myself up. I kept practicing each week in class and at home, and after a few weeks I could hold it for over a minute, so I could tell I was getting stronger. The poses made me stretch and feel good. You get to rest after class and it’s so relaxing, especially with the nice music playing. I try to remember the breathing as well, because it helps me relax.

NataliaAge 8

Julie serves as the “CWO” or Chief Wellness Officer for our entertainment marketing boutique. Her meditation and yoga sessions at the end of a hectic day are a welcome break for the team who depart for home feeling refreshed. The group activity also contributes to stronger team connections over time. Highlight of the week!

Rick MarkovitzPresident Weissman/Markovitz Communications

Julie is a beautiful and caring yoga teacher. She always challenges me and yet is gentle and loving at the same time. At the end of every session I feel refreshed and relaxed. Yoga with Julie is such a treat because Julie is such a beautiful person, inside and out!

Ziona Friedlander